Why Wi-Fi May Not Cut It For Your Business

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The tech age of smart cellular devices has just begun and the reliance that the world has on cellular telecommunication avenues is widespread. Some businesses have been able to stick to a Wi-Fi network for its customers, employees and visitors to connect to the world. However, some or most of the time, the connection seems sluggish and the data speeds are snail-paced. When Wi-Fi is used by multiple devices, then there is a bottleneck effect- this is especially true if you are in a crowded place such as an office building or a café.

This is why it is a better option to switch to an alternative- say, cellular data. But what is it that separates these two? Let’s find out. Read on…

The Difference Between Cellular Data And Wi-Fi

You can access the internet via a hotspot where the users can log into the Wi-Fi network. When you are far off or move away from the Wi-Fi source, the signal strength weakens and you are finally out of the connection- you need to be close to the router that is broadcasting Wi-Fi signals via the ‘hotspot’ location.

Many devices are hooking onto a signal network, and this sharing of the bandwidth means that the network gets overloaded and the quality of the signal drops, the network speeds slow to a grind and there is rampant frustration.

Plus, during a power outage, the router, if not backed by a back-up power supply, will cease to work and the Wi-Fi connection is disconnected.

Most, if not all the problems can be sorted by the use of a cellular network. There is no issue when it comes to the range- you can walk off the room or out of the building even, and you will still hold a cellular signal. There is no issue when it comes to power outages, if your smartphone has power then you are good to go. Plus, there isn’t an issue of several colleagues in the office using a cellular network- all of them can work in peace and not sacrifice their speeds nor their connectivity.

Taking Your Cellular Network To The Next Level

If you are wanting to squeeze out the most from your cellular network, then it would be a wise option to get yourself a cell phone signal booster system. The call booster system is different based on your needs and the number of users that will be simultaneously connected to it. But rest assured, there is a solution, no matter what your budget or your need is!