Cell Phone Booster Troubleshooting

Cell Phone Booster Troubleshooting
Cell Phone Booster Troubleshooting
Cell Phone Booster Troubleshooting
Cell Phone Booster Troubleshooting

Cell phone boosters installed to improve cellular reception in buildings, homes and vehicles may sometimes exhibit poor performance due to some technical issues. The device will sometimes fail to boost signals to the levels it should as per its gain values.

In this article, we are discussing two common cell phone booster issues, oscillation and overload.


A feedback loop established between the exterior and interior antenna causes oscillation, a major issue associated with the operation of signal booster. The exterior antenna of the cell phone booster captures cellular signals and sends them to the amplifier. After the signals are boosted at the amplifier end, they are then sent to the indoor antenna that broadcasts the boosted signals.

In some cases, the external antenna captures the boosted signals broadcasted by the indoor antenna and sends them to the amplifier. The issue is referred to as oscillation.

How To Fix Oscillation?

Here are some of the ways that may help you reduce oscillation in your cell phone booster.

  • Increase the distance between outdoor and indoor antennas. In most cases, oscillation occurs because the outdoor and indoor antennas are installed close to each other. Consider moving the external antenna to a farther and higher point, all the while ensuring that it receives equally strong signals that it received earlier.
  • Make sure that the directional antenna is facing away from the building. If it is pointed across the roof, it is possible that the antenna picks up broadcasted boosted signals.
  • If physically separating the exterior and interior antennas is not possible, try shielding the exterior antenna using materials like foil or filing cabinet.


Strong cellular signals when boosted will result in even stronger output cellular signals and might sometimes interfere with the working of the booster. The issue referred to as overload could affect the boosting power of the amplifier.

How To Fix Overload?

  • Realign the external antenna such that it points to a direction that receives lesser signals.
  • If you live in a place that has many cell towers, redirecting the external antenna may not offer a solution. In that case, you will have to consider using an attenuator.
  • Buy a booster that comes with an amplifier which can handle stronger signals.

Oscillation and overload are common issues that can be mostly fixed without requiring much time and effort. Operating a cell phone booster by ignoring these issues may fail to offer you the signal gain you expect.