What Is A Cell Phone Signal Repeater?

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Repeater
Cell Phone Repeater
Cell Phone Repeater

A cell phone repeater, also known as cell phone signal amplifier, is a device that is used to boost the cell phone signal strength. The device is actually a repeater system that amplifies the cellular reception in all directions. A cell phone signal booster consists of three main components, exterior antenna, interior antenna and an amplifier. The main job of a mobile signal booster is to amplify the existing cell phone signal at your home, car, office, etc.

The cell phone repeaters will amplify the weak signal and rebroadcast the amplified signal to the area with week signal reception. Apart from the amplifier, exterior and interior antenna, a cell phone signal booster also contains an attenuator for reducing the unwanted frequency signals, a lightning surge protector, a splitter and a tap.

Working Of A Cell Phone Signal Booster

The signal strength can be affected by a number of diverse obstructions. These obstructions include trees, tall buildings, hills and distance. The strength of the signal decreases with increase in distance. Thus a signal booster is essential to improve the signal strength. The exterior antenna of the signal repeater receives the weak signal and amplifies the signal using the amplifier present in the cellular repeater. This amplified signal is then rebroadcasted across your home or car with the help of interior antenna.

Important Benefits Of Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • It helps to get good cell phone reception in the remotest of places.
  • It allows you to enjoy clearer voice calls.
  • It allows a faster internet access.
  • It helps to download and upload data much faster.
  • A boosted connection extends the cell phone battery life.

Different Types Of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Analog Signal Repeaters

Most of the signal amplifiers that are used today are analog ones. This type of signal repeaters uses analog signals to transmit data. An analog signal repeater is also known as Bi-Directional repeater and can be used for both cellular phones and two-way radio.

Smart Signal Booster

Smart signal booster is a new type of signal booster. It is a wireless cell phone signal booster that uses the digital powerful baseband processors. They clean the signal before rebroadcasting it. In a smart signal booster, the data is transmitted using binary digital signals. They are really expensive than analog signal repeaters. The smart signal booster does not require an exterior antenna like the analog signal booster.