Ways To Boost A Phone’s Signal At No Expense

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You don’t always need to spend a hefty amount of money to resolve your problems with a weak cell phone signal. Sometimes all it takes is a simple fix, and you can go from slow data and poor calls to a markedly better phone experience. Following are some of the ways in which you can boost cell phone signal strength cheaply, if not entirely for free.

Check The Phone For Damage

There are cases where dropping a phone can damage its internal antenna, and if this happens to you, you would be looking at a drop in cell service quality. Take off the phone’s case and check it for any such damage, especially on the back and at the corners. Take an appointment with your carrier and have them run a diagnostic to ensure your phone’s hardware is up to the mark. If not, see about getting it repaired, or even replaced if you can afford that.

Check That The Software Is Up To Date

Your phone’s software may be running behind by one or more versions, and if so, cell reception can sometimes be sub-optimal. Your phone may lack the latest bug fixes as well as the optimizations needed for seamless data, calling, and even normal operation. Make sure you get the latest update installed.

Use Wifi Calling When You Have A Good Internet Connection

If you have bad reception but a decent WiFi connection, then WiFi calling may be just the thing for you. Instead of calling over the cell network, you can use the internet connection, and not only is this free, but it is a great way to get around the fact that your cell signal is not strong enough for voice calls.

Disable LTE

The bars you see on your phone mean a lot of things, and this includes the quality of the signal strength as well as the load being taken by the nearest cell towers. If all you see is a single bar, this can mean that the tower you are connected to is highly congested at the moment; it can also mean the signal’s strength is poor, or that its quality is low. Disabling the LTE option lets you use the 3G network instead, which oftentimes means less congestion.

Hopefully, one of these things can help you get a signal strong enough to place calls on. If not, get in touch with your carrier at the earliest, and if they cannot help, then consider getting a cell phone repeater which might help you boost the signals.