Tips To Improve Connectivity At Home

Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
How To Get Better Signal
How To Get Better Signal

Residential users may be having slow connections as most individuals are doing home-based work. In view of COVID-19, Ofcom runs the nationwide ‘Stay Connected’ campaign to aid users in making the most of their broadband connections. In the campaign, the UK communications regulatory authority offers various tips to help users have the required reception and speeds. Are you wondering how to get better signal for browsing on your Wi-Fi enabled device? If yes, some tips in this guide will help you to improve the Wi-Fi signal.

Use Wi-Fi Calling Or Landline Calls When Possible

More individuals are calling through cellular networks, so a much more reliable option would be to do it through the wired line connection. In the event you must do it through your smartphone, make use of the ‘Wi-Fi calling’ function on the device. Some phones and mobile plans enable calling through broadband networks, which frequently offer the finest audio quality and helps to lessen the demand on cellular networks. Likewise, calls can be made through internet-based video conferencing applications.

Position The Router Away From Other Wi-Fi Devices

Put it in the maximum distance from every other device that works wirelessly. The devices can have a negative effect on Wi-Fi when these are placed very near to the router. Even the oven could reduce your Wi-Fi signals, so switch it off when doing anything on the internet. Put the router on the shelf or table.

Reduce The Demand On The Connection

If more equipment units are connected to the wireless network, your internet would be slower than what you would otherwise have. Some applications running in the background use a device’s resources, so disable Wi-Fi on each unused device. If you are conducting conference calls, utilize just audio when possible because this would reduce the need for data. Be sure that not many household members are doing data-intensive things simultaneously.

Connect The Router Into The Main Telephone’s Socket

A phone extension cable could reduce the speed by causing interferences, so consider not using it when possible. When you must utilize it, do so with the shortest cable of the finest possible quality. Twisted cabling can have a negative effect on speeds, just like interference from the telephone line, so plug micro-filters into each of the sockets. This will help to avoid the situation where telephone signals affect broadband signals, or vice versa.