Selecting A Booster System As Per The Outdoor Signal Strength

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You must consider the signal strength at the eventual location of the outdoor antenna when choosing a mobile signal booster. You may use the booster albeit there are 4 to 5 signal bars on your smartphone because these can be an incorrect measurement of its strength. Anyhow, you may want to choose the booster system with a particular gain and a form of donor antenna as per how strong your outside signal is. Here, we will simplify the selections for you.

The Right Choices For The Weak Signal

Do you have weak cellular reception outside your house? If yes, then you would require a booster with much gain, to have the signal available in the whole building. The amplifier and the external antenna determine the amount of signal improvement, i.e., gain you will have through the system. Mobile signal boosters for a telecommunications carrier may have a particular amplification power depending on where you live. So, discover this power and then select the right booster.

A Yagi antenna directs most of the cellular signal in a single direction, so the power of it will be greater. By using it, you will have much stronger signal and consequently, better coverage at home than now.

The Choices For The Strong Signal

When your phone shows 4 to 5 bars, the signal outside your residence is likely to be strong. Anyhow, its construction materials will possibly keep the signal from entering it. Now, this is where mobile phone repeaters come into play. It works like a big speaker system connected to a microphone. Whatever be the augmentation of the voice, what matters more is the system’s maximum volume.

When a strong signal is available outside, you must pay particular attention to the booster’s downlink power. In this case, its amplification power, also referred to as the ‘gain’, is not all that important.

Does the telecommunications authority or agency in your place say that any booster’s downlink power must legally be up to a specific figure? For instance, the US agency named FCC states that it must be 12 dBm or less. So select a booster with the power according to what the FCC-like agency in your European location stipulates for it.

In this particular situation, you will possibly be able to use an omnidirectional antenna outside. You will not need to bother about pointing it towards any nearby tower because it will receive the signal from every direction. So installing it there will be easier.