Reasons For Call Drops At Your Home

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You might often experience call drops, slow data speed, and undelivered text messages at your home. It is very frustrating when your call drops in the middle of a conversation. There are several reasons why you experience call drops.

Here are some of the major causes of call drops at your home.

Weak Signal Strength

This is one of the major reasons for call drops and slow data speeds at your home, office, etc. There are several reasons for your cell signal to become weak, such as distance from the cell tower, obstacles that block the cell signal, bad weather, etc. If you are living far away from a cell tower, the cell signal you receive will not have enough strength to make calls or browse the internet.

Bad Weather

Another major reason for call drops is bad weather. Rain, snow, smog, storm, etc. can negatively affect the strength of your cell signal and will lead to call drops and slow data speed. We often find that making a call is very difficult when it is raining. This is because the high-frequency wavelengths that cell phone uses do not travel well through water. Therefore, when it is raining, the water drops block the cell signals coming from the cell tower.

Heavy Network Traffic

You might regularly experience call drops due to poor cell reception if you are living in a densely populated area. sometimes when you are in a big concert or football game, you might not be able to make a call from your cell phone. This is mainly because of the heavy network traffic in the cell tower. When a large number of people use their cell phones in a small area, there will be a sudden upswing in the network traffic and it will jam up the cellular network, which results in call drops and slow data speed.

Faulty Device

Sometimes the reason for not getting a good cell reception for making voice calls maybe your cell phone itself. In today’s smartphones, the antenna for receiving the cell signal is placed inside the phone. If that antenna is damaged, it will be hard for your phone to receive a proper cell signal.

Use A Signal Booster

A cell phone booster is the best choice to avoid call drops and improve your internet speed. Signal boosters can increase the strength of the cell signal you receive to a usable level. When you install a signal booster at your home, you no longer have to experience call drops, slow data speed, etc.