Methods To Get Uninterrupted Cell Signal Inside Your Vehicle

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If you’re a person who likes to talk with friends while you are driving or likes to do much of your work on-the-go, you might have to drive your car to less network coverage areas. Losing your cellphone’s signal in your vehicle when you are doing something important is never a fun experience. Also, we know that it can happen almost anywhere even if it is a populated area blanketed with lot of cell towers because of all the obstacles that can block the cellphone signals from reaching our phones. We’ll talk more about some of those obstacles in a moment. Most of the time we all drive the car in the same routes on a regular basis, whether we’re going shopping, work, or to the gym. So, you are familiar with those spots where the signal gets little sketchy, and chances of call drop are more. So, here we are talking about some tips to improve your cell reception in the vehicle.

Step Out Of The Vehicle

The metal and coated glass that make up the exterior of most vehicles form an effective barrier that typically prevents more than 50 percent of cell signals from penetrating the passenger compartment. Also, make sure you’re parked in a safe place first.

Increase Your Elevation

Find some higher ground where you can safely park while you make your call. This can help because cell signals operate on line-of-sight. As said before, almost anything between you and the cell tower can block or weaken the signal reaching your phone. When you increase your elevation you reduce the chance of obstructions degrading your cell reception. Often, being up just a little higher can improve reception.

Invest In A Quality Cellular Signal Booster For Vehicles

A cellular signal booster provides the ultimate result in any area where cellular communications cannot work properly due to weak signals.  Using simple installation techniques and operation, no interference is guaranteed.  It reduces electromagnetic radiations and increases battery life of your phone.

Therefore, it provides better performance and most importantly, you will not have to walk around searching for good signal strength.

Try switching from 4G to 3G                                     

Turn off your 4G service to find if you can get a better network connection and improved coverage by using the 3G or 2G network.