How To Solve The Call Dropping Issues?

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One of the biggest frustrations of every smartphone user is the call drops. You will experience call drops at least once in your life. The main cause of call drops is poor cell reception. If the cell signal has not enough strength to make calls, you might experience call drops. According to a recent survey around 32% of the smartphone users experience call drops every week.

Causes Of Call Drops

Poor cell reception is only one of the several reasons for call drops. If you are located really far from the cell tower, your cell phone won’t be able to catch the cell signals properly and it will result in call drops or slow data speeds.

If you are in a building with metal roofs or in a car, the cell signals may not properly reach inside because the metals will reflect the cell signals. Sometimes your cell phone might be the reason for call drops. If the receiving antenna of the cell phone is damaged, it won’t be able to capture the cell signals.

Solution For Call Drops

The only way to avoid call drop is to ensure that you get a reliable cell signal all the time. Most often you experience call drops when you are inside your home, office, or car. The easiest option you have is to open the doors and windows of the building or open the glass window of the car. This will help the cell signals to reach inside the building and provide better cellular reception.

If that is not working, get outside the building for making the calls. If you are driving, stop the car at a safe place and get outside the car. This will help to get stronger cell signals to make uninterrupted voice calls. But all these are only temporary solutions and not practically possible all the time.

The best solution for call dropping problems is a cell phone booster. It is an electronic device capable of increasing the strength of cell signals coming from the cell tower so that you will get an amplified cell signal for making calls and browsing the internet.

The cell phone booster mainly has three components; the external antenna, the amplifier unit, and the internal antenna. The external antenna captures the cell signals, the amplifier amplifies those signals and the internal antenna rebroadcasts the amplified cell signals. In addition to avoiding call drops, signal boosters will also help to improve voice clarity during calls.