How To Improve Cell Service In Your Office And Commercial Buildings?

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You will feel really frustrated when you are on an important call and its gets disconnected due to weak cell reception. This may occur when you are in a remote area or in commercial buildings with metal doors and roofs. Steel and aluminum can reflect cell signals and cause bad cell reception. If you are working in such buildings, getting a good signal in your cell phone while you are inside the building is far from possible, if you don’t have a cell phone booster installed in the building.

Causes Of Bad Cell Reception

Bad cell reception can result in dropped calls, undelivered text messages, and slow data speed. There are a number of factors that causes dropped calls and slow internet speed. Some obvious causes are distance from the cell tower, user capacity of the tower, obstructions like mountains, tall buildings, etc. But when you are in a commercial building, the possible cause of bad cell reception might be the building itself. The construction materials of the building like wire mesh, concrete, steel, aluminum, etc. can block the strong cell phone signal and result in bad cell reception inside the building.

Cell Phone Repeater For Office And Commercial Buildings

Installing a cell phone repeater in your office and commercial building is necessary. It provides reliable cell signals to all the devices inside the building. Cell phone signal boosters are very easy to install and require no recurring fees. They are very effective in boosting weak signals and thereby improve voice calls, text messaging and data speeds for reliable cell service in offices and big commercial buildings.

How Does A Signal Booster For Commercial Buildings Work?

Offices and commercial buildings with a bad cell reception can think of installing a signal booster inside the building.  A cell phone repeater has an outside antenna, which captures the existing cell signal outside the building and sends it to the amplifier placed inside the building via coaxial cable. The amplifier improves the signal and redistributes the signal to the multiple devices inside the building with the help of interior antenna. a cell phone booster can work effectively up to 500,00 square feet, making it a perfect choice to overcome the bad cell reception in your office and commercial buildings.

Things To Consider Before Installing A Signal Booster

Before installing a signal booster in your office or commercial building, you must consider a few things, such as size of the building, strength of outside signal, density of walls in the building and the number of carriers. Do a thorough internet search and find out the best signal booster available that can cover a maximum area and work with all network carriers.