Different Types Of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Booster
Cell Signal Boosters
Cell Signal Boosters

Cell signal boosters are now being widely used for increasing the signal strength where there is poor signal quality. They can be helpful in reducing different problems associated with poor cell reception. Hence, you may also consider buying a cell phone signal booster if you are having trouble with your cell phone signal strength.

There are different types of cell signal boosters and it is important for you to know about them for selecting the right one for you. We are disussing here about different types of cell signal boosters that can help you to improve cell reception.

Types Of Signal Boosters

Cell phone signal boosters are mainly categorized into two which are listed below:

Analog Boosters

These types of boosters are basic cell signal boosters. They are broadband amplifiers and can be used for different cell phone carriers as well as for different frequencies. These boosters will have a separate exterior antenna along with other components, and you will have to assemble and install the entire kit separately. The gain of analog boosters are approximately 63-70 dB.

Smart Boosters

These boosters are digital boosters that can perform multiple functions. They can “clean” the signals in addition to amplifying and rebroadcasting them.  Such boosters are carrier-specific and they also operate at particular frequencies. Their gain is higher than analog boosters and is approximately 100 dB. The main advantage of these boosters is that they come in a compact kit where the exterior antenna is a part of the booster itself. Hence, it does not need any assembling or installation. Also, they don’t need any broadband internet service for operation.

Classification Of Cell Signal Boosters

Cell signal boosters can be differentiated based on different parameters. They include:

Based On Where They Are Used:

  • For immobile locations such as homes, offices, buildings, etc.
  • For mobile locations including vans, trucks, boats, cars, RVs, etc.

Based On The Cellular Technology:

  • 3G Boosters which can work with different 2G and 3G technologies including GSM, CDMA, HDMA, UMTS, and AWS.
  • 4G Boosters that will work with LTE, advanced LTE, and LTE Plus

Based On The Consumer Base:

  • Consumer Signal Boosters, which are used in limited areas such as homes, vehicles, etc. They are easy to install and the user does not require technical expertise for installation.
  • Industrial Signal Boosters that are designed for covering large areas such as commercial buildings and public places like educational campuses, airports, etc.

A wide range of signal boosters are available in the market. Hence, you have to select one based on your requirements. When selecting a cell signal booster, you have to consider where you want to use it, the coverage you need and the number of users you want to accommodate. All these factors will help you to buy a booster that will fit your requirements.