Common Issues Associated With Signal Boosters

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell phone signal booster
Cell phone signal booster

Signal boosters are now being widely used for avoiding different issues associated with poor cell reception in areas where there is a weak signal strength. This device will amplify the weak signals for providing you uninterrupted phone services. It can help you to solve different problems associated with low signal quality including poor call clarity, call dropping, slow internet and more.

Normally, a cellular signal booster is a simple device that does not need much expertise for installation and maintenance. However, there are some common issues associated with cell phone signal boosters that can affect their performance. But you can solve these issues with some simple steps. Below, we are listing some common issues associated with cellular signal boosters and the steps to solve them.


This is a problem that can occur when the signals from your internal antenna reach your external antenna, thereby creating a feedback loop. In this case, the amplifier of your booster will try to solve this issue by decreasing the boosting power. But this will reduce the performance of the booster. You might see warnings from your amplifier when this issue occurs.

Steps To Fix It

  • Make sure that your uni-directional antenna is properly fixed on the roof so that it is facing away from the building. If it is facing towards the building, it might receive the output signals from your internal antenna.
  • Try to increase the distance between your external antenna and internal antenna. You can move the external antenna to a higher location or further away from the internal antenna. Note that vertical separation is more effective than horizontal separation, even though both can help.
  • If you cannot move your external antenna any further, then try to shield it by some objects like air conditioning unit or chimneys for preventing it from receiving the signals from the internal antenna.


If there is a very strong outdoor signal from one or more service providers, then they might overload the amplifier. This will result in the reduction of its boosting power.

Steps To Fix It

  • If you are using a uni-directional antenna, try to change its direction so that it receives fewer signals.
  • You can use the help of an attenuator if you have a lot of cell phone towers near you. An attenuator will help you to reduce the decibels from the incoming signals.
  • If these methods don’t work, you can switch to an amplifier that can handle stronger signals.

The problems mentioned above are some common issues associated with cellular signal boosters. You can easily fix these problems with the above-listed steps. This will help you avoid issues associated with the signals, thereby increasing the performance of your booster.