Common Doubts About Cell Phone Booster Installation In Ireland

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Cell phone booster is a simple device designed to amplify cellular signals in order to facilitate quality cellular communication. The device can be fitted in homes, commercial buildings, public places, as well as vehicles. The installation of signal boosters should be in compliant with the legal communication guidelines that vary according to the country you live in.

ComReg(Commission for Communiations Regulation ) is the communications regulatory authority in Ireland and the signal booster installation in the country should follow the guidelines put forward by ComReg.

In this session we try to answer some of the common questions about signal booster installation in Ireland.

What Led To The Legalization Of Mobile Boosters By ComReg?

Despite the improvements in mobile network brought about as a result of continuous efforts by mobile service providers, there have been increased reports about poor indoor signal coverage. After a public consultation, ComReg decided to exempt some cell phone boosters from restriction so that they will prove to be potential solutions to signal reception issues.

What Are Technical Requirements For Signal Boosters?

For the sale of signal boosters to be legal, the boosters have to conform to the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) and comply with the technical requirements set by ComReg. The technical conditions are set to ensure that the device doesn’t cause radio interference to mobile networks.

Interference by signal boosters can affect the signal reception in the service area and lead to call blocking and dropped calls. Devices that do not comply with the ComReg technical regulations are illegal and their possession will make you liable for fine.

What Is The Difference Between Boosters And Repeaters?

Although devices are interchangeably marketed as boosters or repeaters, they aren’t exactly the same. There is no denying that signal boosters and repeaters amplify cellular signals but not all of the repeater brands meet the technical requirements of ComReg. Illegal devices that fail to meet the regulations cause interference. These devices will be seized by ComReg and the users might have to face prosecution.

Boosters are amplifiers that usually come in cheap rates without offering any interference protection. Most of the boosters do not comply with the European Harmonised standards and they do not carry the CE mark.

On the other hand, repeaters meet the technical conditions required by ComReg, and as they follow the European Harmonised standards, and carry the CE mark.

As Signal boosters are regulated by the communications regulatory agencies of nations, it is important to know the legal status and technical requirements of signal boosters before purchasing one.