Are You Planning To Buy A Signal Booster? Try These Before You Buy!

Mobile Signal Booster
Mobile Signal Booster
Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Booster

In this fast-paced digital jungle that we are in, the king of the Jungle is definitely the one who is the fastest! In this untamed wilderness of predator eats prey you cannot afford to let your guard down! You or your business must be at the top of your game! Ideas are sold, trades are made in frenzy, and neither you nor your business has the time to look around and gaze. You need to be on the grid! Always!

Plus being connected is not the only concern; you need to have a seamlessly fast cellular connection! Connections where your internet speeds are blazing and call drops are non-existent. But before you dash to the nearest electronic store or starting surfing on an e-com website, sit down and take a breather! We are here to tell you what you can do, before you invest in a cell signal booster.

What Are Signal Boosters? Why Do My Calls Drop So Often?!

Signal boosters do exactly what it is named as. It boosts weak signals that it latches onto from the nearest cell tower. The signal booster consists of three main components; being, the outer antenna, the BDA (Bi-directional amplifier) and lastly the internal amplifier. The outer amplifier simply finds weak signals in the vicinity. Signals generally get weak, when either there are too many users hooked onto a single cell tower. Or it could be because of interference.

Interference could be a willow, a hill or even a skyscraper towering over you! Once the signal is caught by the outer antenna, the amplifier (BDA) boosts or gains the signal strength. The boosted signal is then broadcasted for cell phones nearby to use.

Things To Do Before You Buy A Cell Booster

Here are a couple of things to do that will help your woe!

  1. Be sure to charge your phone. Your phone works tirelessly 24×7, making sure you’re connected. This requires power. Make sure that your battery doesn’t drop below 20%
  2. Switch off unnecessary background apps and switch your phone to power saver mode to conserve energy.
  3. Make sure your office space is clutter-free with as little obstructions as possible.
  4. Use the phone near an open window or try raising it.
  5. Switch network providers. Your cell area may be chocked with traffic. Make the switch to facilitate better lines of communication.

If all else fails, you always have a cell phone booster to save your back!