Are Cell Phone Signal Boosters And Cell Phones A Health Risk?

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
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Cell Phone Booster

Our lives have begun to revolve around phones. If you’re lost or want to check out the best restaurants in a new town that serve white pasta, your phone is there to give you a helping hand, with the importance of phones and number of phone users exponentially growing. As of 2019 out of the 7.8 billion people that roam mother earth, 5 billion of them have mobile phones. That is a big chunk of people that have phones. Let that sink in.

Where there are cell phones there has to be connectivity, as without it your phone is nothing more than a glorified MP4 player! What better way to get better connectivity on the go, than a cell phone booster!

But scientists have raised concerns as to whether use of cell phone booster can lead to a health risk. We are here to address that very concern, and get to the bottom of it once and for all.

Are Cell Signal Boosters Safe Or Use?

Yes, and there is evidence to back that claim. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has done extensive research regarding cell phone use and risk. They report the following:

There’s no scientific evidence that provides a definite answer to the question, though one organization recommended using a cell phone with caution. More research is needed before we know if cell phone use causes health effects“.

They have concluded that there is no immediate health risks that using cell phone booster pose. As a matter of fact there is another revelation that we can understand from this finding of WHO.

What Do Your Cell Phones Emit?

Your cell phone sends information wirelessly by means of radio frequency (RF) signals. These are sent between phone antennas or base stations. There are many such cell towers or base stations that are all around you to ensure that your phone has a steady reception.

The exposure from the RF is actually miniscule. The closer you are to the cell tower, the higher the RF exposure; the further, the weaker. Even the WHO (World Health Organisation) has data only pertaining to body temperature increase close to 10C when near high intensity field at industrial facilities.

What About The “Radiation”?

Cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth speakers, signal boosters and other electronic devices emit non-ionizing Electromagnetic radiation. These simply put are harmless at best. The cousin, the ionizing EMF is far more deadly like ultraviolet rays and X-rays that has the potential to change and alter your DNA.

There has been studies far and between that has proclaimed little risk of using these devices. However there is no conclusive evidence and the purpose of the research was vague and aimed at putting forward caution.

Can Using Wi-Fi Cause Cancer?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies RF radiation from cell phones, cell signal boosters and Wi-Fi’s in the same carcinogen level as Styrofoam cups and coffee. Yes, your chances of getting “cancer” from using cell signal booster is the same as getting cancer from drinking a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.

How To Reduce The Risk?

Too much of anything is bad! Water is essential for the survival and optimum well-being of any organism. But the minute you take in too much of water in a short time can lead to water intoxication and eventually death. Stepping out and getting some sun to soak in the Vitamin D is good for the skin and hair; stay too long and you run the risk of sun burns and skin cancer.

Your devices are no different. Be sure to switch off and keep your devices away when about to sleep and give yourself a rest every now and then.

Using Cell Signal Boosters Helps Reduce Radiation?

Using cell signal boosters actually does just that. When your phones are running low on reception the strength of the electromagnetic signals it emits increases proportionally. The more the cell reception there are on your phone, the safer you and you’re your loved ones will be while using phones.

Cell phone boosters do just that! They help by picking up on the weak signals from the nearby cell phone tower and basically “boost” it. The external antenna on the cell phone signal booster picks on the low strength signals and passes it on to the amplifier that amplifies the strength of the signal and then broadcasts it using an internal antenna. The phone has to “work” less in a way, and that relates:

  • Improved voice quality and less blurs
  • Reduced call drops
  • Faster internet speeds
  • Improved reception
  • Protection from the “weak signal scenario”
  • Helps you to extend battery life

Bring cell phone signal boosters to your life and help it help you connect to the world much better!