Antenna Types Of Cell Phone Boosters

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Cellular Signal Booster
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Cell Phone Booster

If you are looking for a feasible solution to the pestering network troubles that you face on a daily basis, you may confidently go with the option of cell phone booster. It is a device that increases the strength of the cellular signals that you receive and rebroadcast it to our cell phones.

The device has three main components, the external antenna, amplifier and the internal antenna. The signal boosting function of the cellular signal booster begins at the external antenna that collects the outside cellular signals. Collected cellular signals are boosted by the amplifier and rebroadcasted by the internal antenna.   The antenna types vary depending on whether you install the signal booster at home or in the vehicle. The features of the location you are at also affects the antenna type that has to be chosen.

External Antenna

External antenna collects the signals from the outside and sends it to the amplifier.  Two types of external antenna are:

Omni-Directional Antenna             

Omni-directional antenna pulls in cellular signals from all directions as it operates in 360 degree range. This type of antenna is suitable for locations that receive signals from multiple carriers, enabling the signal booster to amplify multiple carriers.

Uni-Directional Antenna

uni-directional antenna pulls in signals coming from a specific direction as it works in a range of 45 degrees. This antenna is suitable to remote locations that receive signals from a single cell tower. The antenna has to installed in a way that it points towards the cell tower.

Internal Antenna   

After the amplifier receives the external signals from the external antenna, it boosts them and sends to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then rebroadcasts the boosted signals to the required points.

Two types of internal antenna are:

Panel Antenna          

Panel antenna broadcasts the boosted signals in a single direction. They are mostly mounted on the walls and can be mounted on ceilings too to increase the signal reception in the lower floors. Panel antennas are especially beneficial when you have to cover wide rectangular spaces and multiple floors.

Dome Antenna           

Dome antenna is mounted on the ceiling as it broadcasts the boosted signals equally across all directions. Dome antennas are suitable if you have to cover single floor inside a building and not multiple floors.

The high availability and affordability of cell phone boosters make the option increasingly popular. By choosing a suitable signal booster for your home and vehicles, you can tackle the problem of signal strength loss to a great extent so as to have quality cellular communication.