All You Want To Know About Wi-Fi Signal Boosters

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Wi-Fi signal boosters are used to extend the range of Wi-Fi signals. It amplifies the existing signals and broadcast it to the required areas. With the help of Wi-Fi boosters, you can extend the coverage area of your Wi-Fi router. A lot of people are now using such boosters for getting signals in areas that are not covered by the router.

Why Do You Need A Wi-Fi Signal Booster?

If you want to extend the range of your router, a booster will be useful for you. In addition to this, if there are specific areas or spaces in your home/office where your Wi-Fi signals do not reach, then you might also need the help of a Wi-Fi booster. This device will help you to avoid buying extra cables and expensive networking gears including switches and hubs.

These boosters will enable you to access Wi-Fi from anywhere in your house or office, and it will allow more people to access the network. With the help of signal boosters, you will be able to extend the range of your Wi-Fi router to different floors or even to your garden or yard.

How Does A Wi-Fi Signal Booster Work?

 The strength of the Wi-Fi signals will decrease as the distance from the router increases. Hence, the signal quality will be very low in areas which are beyond the range of the router. Hence, you will not be able to access the internet from such areas because of poor signal strength.

A Wi-Fi booster can help you in such situations. It will capture the weak Wi-Fi signals and amplify them. Hence, these signals will be able to travel more distance.

The speed of the transmission and its coverage will depend on the performance of your booster. Hence, if you want more coverage area or want to add a large number of users, then you will have to get a powerful and expensive booster.

What Is The Difference Between A Wi-Fi Extender And A Repeater?

The working of both the extenders are repeaters are the same. Their aim is to amplify the existing Wi-Fi signals. However, they have slight differences too.

When you use an extender, the network name used by the amplified signals will be different from the original signals, i.e., if you are using the network name “wirelessnetwork1” for accessing the signals given by the router, you will have to use the network name “wirelessnetwork2” for accessing the signals transmitted by the extender.

However, when it comes to Wi-Fi signal repeaters, the network name before and after the signal amplification will be the same. Hence, you can access the amplified signals using the network name of the router.