Simple Fixes To Get Better Cell Reception

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster

Pretty much every one has a smart phone in their hands. Who wouldn’t? Smart phones make life so much simpler. Everything that you could need is now only a tap on the screen away from reaching you. Are you in the mood for some Italian pizza tonight? Look through the several food delivery apps and have your food delivered to your doorstep while you are in your pajamas. Do you have to get to a place? Simply hop on any of the several cab ride websites from Uber, Lyft among others. Have your lost your way around the city? No more wrong turns with Google maps and other navigation apps at your disposal. It is crazy what all smartphones allow us to do, compared to 15 years ago!

However, one thing common that is needed for all of the above functionalities to work is stable cell reception. If you find your cell phone scouring and still displaying an empty cell strength icon at the top right corner of your cell screen, then you know you have a problem in your hand.

How do you go about sorting out your weak cell signal? There are some fixes that you can try on to get the better of your cell phone. Read on…

Check The Location Of The Tower

First and foremost, the cell signal reaches your phone after it is transmitted from the nearest cell tower. You can find out the strength of the cell signal reaching your cell phone and then using it you can figure out the location.

Enter your phone into the field test mode, which displays the cell signal strength in decibels (dBm). Cell signal strength can range from -30 dBm to -110 dBm. The closer you are to -30 dBm, the better and stronger is your cell phone signal strength. Anything that is better than -85 dBm is considered a usable, good signal. When you are nearing -110 dBm, you cell signal strength wanes and finally you get what is called a “dead zone”.

Once you know the location of the nearest cell tower then your next goal is to remove obstacles between you and the cell tower to ensure that a signal comes directly to you. You can do this by moving to higher ground or get outdoors to an area that isn’t surrounded such as an open field- All of these contribute to getting you better cell signals.

Use Wi-Fi calling

If you don’t have a good cell signal but have a secure broadband Wi-Fi connection, then all you have to do is use one of the numerous data calling apps available such as WhatsApp, Google Duo, Viber, Telegram, Zoom and Skype among many others. These allow the use of video calling as well as ordinary voice calling. This is not exactly a solution for your weak cell signal, but if your goal is to make a hassle-free call, then look no further.

Recharge Your Device

This might seem like silly advice, but this will be beneficial for those who use their phones frequently between charges. Like all smartphone functions, the network connection also requires power. Take advantage of the battery saving mode on a cellular device- Do this by updating your firmware and close all of the apps that don’t need your attention. All of these do a great job in draining your battery and slowing down your connection.

Your cell phone uses up battery power to connect to the cell tower and transmit information. Allow your cell phone to juice up! Plus switch off any of the unwanted functions like NFC, Bluetooth, hotspot those which you don’t need at the moment. Keep your phone brightness at the optimum, and avoid burning your eyes out and the phone’s charge.

Get A Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you have tried all of the above, and are still running low on the luck department, then it is time for you to get yourself a cell phone signal booster. This is a device that you needn’t fiddle around with once it is set up. The 4G cell phone booster can work with all network carriers, smart phones and allow network boosting for multiple cellular devices at the same time.

The device works by taking the weak cell signal that reaches your cell phone, boost the signal by means of using a signal amplifier and then makes the boosted signal available to you by re-broadcasting. It is a device that acts as a long-term investment that is future-proof for at least the next decade.

If you are tired of looking for quick fixes for your terrible signal on the internet, walking out of the house every time you receive a call and screaming your lungs out for the other person to hear you, then a cell phone signal booster is for you.