Tips To Enhance Your Booster’s Performance

Signal Booster
Signal Booster
How To Get Better Cell Signal
How To Get Better Cell Signal

By now, I am sure you have found the answer to the question – how to get better cell signal. You know that mobile signal boosters are your ultimate solution to dead zones and sluggish signals. However, there may also arise occasions where you will feel tired of climbing up and down the rooftop of your homes to adjust the outdoor antenna. Let me save you from this mishap with these tips. Continue reading to learn how to ensure the great performance of the mobile signal booster you have purchased.

Right Booster For The Respective Carrier Network And Its Frequency

From making voice calls to browsing the internet, there are no limits to what your mobile phones can do in the present era. Thus, when you buy mobile signal boosters, be careful not to lose any of these functionalities. This brings to light, the need for a booster that is compatible with the network carrier’s frequency you are currently utilizing. Thus you must inquire about your network carriers frequency details, especially in your location.

Nowadays mobile phones come with dual sim card slots. And isn’t it obvious that you too have two sim cards and you want both your numbers to have great coverage? If this is the case, you are left with one option and that is to buy a mobile signal booster with dual-band. The bandwidth of the boosters available doesn’t stop here; there are also boosters with, tri-band, quad-band and quint-band, etc these days.

The Right Type Of Antenna To The Rescue

When it comes to the quality of the antenna, it plays a crucial role in attracting radio frequency mobile signals. Any reputed company that manufactures mobile signal boosters provide their customers with the following types of antennas.

  1. Outdoor antenna, the one that is mounted on the rooftop of your house, must stand against bad weather conditions. Thus it is either omnidirectional or yagi antennas.
  2. Indoor antenna, the one that is placed inside your home, must be able to transmit strong signals and is expected to cut through the obstacles such as walls and cupboards, etc. Thus it must either be dome antenna or panel antenna.

The Right Type Of Coaxial Cables

Talking about coaxial cables, the thumb rule suggests that these must be of good quality. Additionally, try to keep its length as small as possible. This is because inferior quality can potentially distort mobile signals.