Factors That Affect The Strength Of Cellular Signals

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In a data-driven world that we live in, hindrances in cellular communication could cause heavy losses. Not one but many factors affect the quality of cellular communication. Many times it is difficult to reverse the effects of the signal blocking factors because we have little control over these factors.

In this session, we list some signal blocking factors.

Strain On Bandwidth

The bandwidth you require can be influenced by the number of apps that are running on your phone. Even if the apps are closed, they might be running in the background in many cases, thereby consuming a major part of the available bandwidth and signal. Free games and apps are usually filled with an overwhelming influx of advertisements, requiring more bandwidth. In addition to that, app notifications can drain the cellular signals available on your phone.

Construction Materials

You commonly observe that the signals that seemed perfectly fine when you are outside your home starts dropping all of a sudden. Construction materials that could block cellular signals are the major causes of signal losses while inside buildings. Metals, steel, concrete, brick, etc that are used as construction materials can act as signal blocking elements.

Network Traffic

The traffic in the cellular network plays a crucial role in cellular signal quality. When so many people use the cellular network for making calls, sending texts, and browsing the internet, it is normal for the signal strength to drop significantly. Every cell tower has a fixed amount of traffic that it can support. When the traffic exceeds the limit, signal quality begins to turn weak.

Landscape Features

The location you are at decides the quality of the signals that your cell phone receives. Physical barriers like hills and mountains can block cellular signals coming from the other side. In addition to that, the distance between you and the transmitting tower also influences the signal strength. If the distance between you and the cell tower is large, the signal quality will be rather weak. This factor explains why you are often troubled by poor cellular signals while you are at a remote place.

To overcome the signal troubles caused by the signal blocking features discussed above, you can install a cell phone booster that offers the ideal solution to cellular signal issues. A cellular signal booster captures the cellular signals available at our place and boosts the strength. The boosted signals are then rebroadcasted to your cell phones.