Cell Battery Draining Faster Than It Recharges? Here Are A Few Tips

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Cell Phone Signal Booster
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The sleek, metallic, and lightweight slab that runs on electricity has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We have a smartphone in our hands more than we have our wallets. Since smartphones have become an extension of oneself, it has become imperative for us to glance over at the battery life icon sitting nestled on the corner of the screen. For some the battery life is enough to last them through the day, heavily using the application in the process; for others, the battery isn’t enough to even last till the sun reaches right overhead you.

Smartphones have gotten sleeker, faster, and more functional, but the energy source that is running it has remained more or less the same since the past decade or so. Worry not, until a breakthrough occurs, here are some tips and tricks to help you boost your phone’s battery life and keep your smartphone running longer. Read on…

A Cell Phone Booster

The primary aim of a smartphone is to keep a steady cell signal for receiving important voice calls and messages; thereby keeping the user connected to the grid. The worse off the signal is, the harder your smartphone will have to work to maintain a line. This means that the battery gets expended as the phone is constantly looking for stronger cell signals.

The only way your cell phone will last longer is by feeding it a better cell signal. But, how? By using a cell phone signal booster, of course! A 4g cell phone booster does the hard work and lets your smartphone take it easier. This device takes the weak incoming signal and boosts it appropriately to an extent where it is usable by your cell phone. The device is bi-directional, meaning that it works in reverse as well – sends a signal from the cell phone to the nearest cell tower. This is the tried and tested solution that will not only make your battery last longer but ensure that a great quality signal is delivered to you. Better quality voice calls together with faster data speeds can be ensured in this way.

Turn Off Location Services

The GPS functionalities are certainly helpful, but this is not a smartphone feature that needs to be switched on indefinitely. Make use of location services only when it is necessary when you want to look for directions. The same is the case for many other functionalities. Keep the hotspot, Bluetooth, and NFC capabilities switched off. These are often needless and give a whack to your battery life.

Switch Off The Notifications

Notifications do a great job of notifying us of something that needs our attention, but nowadays everything needs attention! These notifications distract the living daylights out of a person. Having pop-up notifications can severely impact your cell phone’s battery life. Keep the notifications off, and you will see that your battery life is a few hours longer. Nonetheless, the smarter option would be to shave off all of the unimportant notifications and only have the personal essentials.

Phone Is Not A Hot Sauna

Never put your phone too close to the heat. Don’t leave it on the dash of your car on a hot, sunny day, and neither should you do the same if the temperatures are frigid. Most electronic devices are extremely susceptible to extreme temperatures. As the phone heats up, the internal cooling sensors get activated and this further eats into your power reserves. You keep the phone near something hot long enough, then the battery is as good as gone – both literally and figuratively.

Gather Information About Your Battery

This is rarely looked at as part of the settings menu. The battery information will tell you about where the battery is being discharged, and how much of it. Once you are equipped with that knowledge you can reduce the usage of those applications, or delete them for good if they are badly optimized by the creator. You can make better battery-saving decisions with this info in your hands.

Carry A Power Bank Or A Portable Charger

If after everything, there is still no cure to your battery discharging then better get an external supply. There are plenty of portable options for you to choose from, and they certainly make life a lot easier for those that are ‘battery-challenged’. Choose a small one that fits your pocket, unless you are okay with that feeling of walking around with a brick. Your phone can last a hell lot longer with a portable charger working side-by-side with it.

Positive results can be anticipated by trying your hand at the above-mentioned tips. Either way, know that no matter how amazing the solution is if your battery is absolute trash then there is only so much that can be done to help it hold a charge.